All About InstaPR Official Link Shortener

All About InstaPR Official Link Shortener

InstaPR uses to shorten urls to content available on the platform. This means whenever you encounter a shortened "" link on InstaPR, you can trust that it will reliably direct you to content available on our platform. This blog post answers frequently asked questions about and how it benefits you.

How Does Link Shortening Work on InstaPR?

Whenever you share a link on InstaPR, for example link to a publication or package, it automatically gets converted into a shorter link. This allows you to easily share lengthy URLs in a concise form.

Why Does InstaPR Use Its Own Link Shortener?

There are several advantages to using

  • Share Links with Ease: shortens long links to publications, making them easy to copy and paste wherever you'd like, such as emails, text messages, or other online platforms.

  • Insights for Improvement: tracks how many times a link is clicked. This data helps InstaPR understand what content resonates with users and make data-driven decisions to improve the platform's overall engagement.

  • Enhanced User Safety: prevents users from accidentally interacting with malicious links, ensuring their safety while using our platform.

Does clicking an link take me somewhere else first before going to the original destination?

No, clicking an link will take you directly to the intended webpage. InstaPR doesn't use for redirects or to show you any additional content.

Can I see how many times my shared link has been clicked with

Currently, click tracking data is only available to InstaPR for internal purposes. However, you can see engagement metrics like likes and comments directly on your InstaPR posts.

Will my links expire over time?

InstaPR aims to keep links functional for as long as possible. There are currently no plans to set expiration dates on shortened links.

What happens if the original link behind an link becomes unavailable?

In some rare cases, the content you linked to might be removed from the original website. If you click an link that leads to a broken page, you'll usually see an error message from the website itself.

Can I customize links with a keyword?

No, links are automatically generated and cannot be customized at this time.

Is safe to use?

InstaPR takes user safety seriously. links are scanned for malicious content before being shortened. Additionally, by avoiding redirects, helps protect you from phishing attempts that might disguise themselves behind shortened links.

Are there any alternatives to using links on InstaPR?

If you need more control over your link shortening or want custom keywords, you can use a third-party link shortening service and then paste the shortened link into your InstaPR post. However, keep in mind that InstaPR won't have access to click tracking data for links shortened outside of


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