Editorial Guidelines

InstaPR helps you get the word out about your company with impactful press releases (PRs). But before we hit publish, let's make sure your announcement is newsworthy and grabs attention.


Here's what makes a great InstaPR press release:


Newsworthy Content:

  • Focus on "What's New?": Is it an upcoming event, a recent accomplishment, or an industry update? Highlight news-worthy information, not promotional content.
  • Timely and Relevant: News travels fast! Your PR should be about something happening now or very soon, and it should be interesting to your target audience.
  • Clear Headline & Summary: The headline should be concise and capture the essence of your announcement. The summary (under 250 characters) should be impactful and include your company name and relevant keywords.


Professional Tone:

  • Ditch the Hype: Avoid superlatives, jargon, and excessive exclamation points. Let the facts speak for themselves.
  • No Direct Address: Write in a formal style. Quotes from company representatives are okay, but avoid direct address in the main body.
  • Accuracy is Key: Ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date. Back up claims with proper references if needed. Mistakes hurt credibility.


The Right Length & Format:

  • Word Count Matters: Aim for 450-800 words. Shorter releases might get missed by search engines.
  • Flawless Writing: Proofread carefully! Typos and grammatical errors can damage your image. Define industry jargon for clarity.
  • Strategic Keywords: Choose relevant keywords (company name, theme, industry) to help journalists and search engines find your release.


Optimizing Your Release:

  • Link it Up: Embed relevant links (website, videos) within the PR for deeper engagement.
  • Contact Info: Include a valid phone number and email address in the designated section.


Content We Don't Distribute:

  • Self-Promotion: PRs shouldn't directly promote products or services.
  • Spammy Language: Avoid generic marketing phrases and excessive punctuation.
  • Harmful Content: PRs shouldn't attack individuals, groups, or companies. Maintain a respectful tone and avoid hate speech.
  • Sensitive Topics: InstaPR avoids distributing PRs on certain topics like adult content, gambling, illegal activities, specific medical claims, and certain financial products.
  • Misleading Information: PRs must not contain false or misleading information about your company or others.


By following these guidelines, you'll craft a compelling press release that gets noticed and positions your company as a leader in its field.